About Us

We are an independent charity that provides education and support to promote the effective governance and management standards of charitable organisations in Australia.

Our Purpose

“Integrity, honesty and unbiased assessment are the core of Giving Guide’s mission. We believe independently evaluating the accountability, transparency and effectiveness of charities and providing education to better equip charitable organisations is important to the sector’s future.

Giving Guide aspires to advance the governance, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and financial responsibility of Australian charities and thereby building trust, confidence and relationships to maintain ongoing support of charities and their supporters.”

Our Values


Giving Guide is independent. We believe this is essential to fulfil our mission and succeed in our role of objectivity.


Transparency is one of the foundations of our mission. We expect transparency in the charities we work with and donors should expect the same.


Giving Guide wants to build trust with the donors and charities of Australia. We are dedicated to seeing trust improve across the sector.


We try to make Giving Guide as efficient as possible. Every charitable contribution should be used to it’s greatest extent.

Our Mission

Through research, analysis, evaluation and provision of information; We aspire to advance the governance, accountability, transparency and reputation of Australian charities.

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